Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions Ltd

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Notes for Management

CPH changes

2016/2017 changes to holding number, livestock movements and standstills are soon to be published. You will be contacted with information by AHVLA.

Field Margins

Cross compliance requires that field margins (green cover) should measure 2 metres from the centre of the hedgerow of from the centre of a watercourse or field ditch to the landward side of the top of the bank. You must not cultivate, or apply fertilisers or pesticides to cross compliance field margins, but you are permitted to top the green cover or use pesticides for spot application, if they are deemed reasonable steps, to control the spread of any weeds.

Tree and hedgecutting 2016 

A closed period that places a ban on cutting and trimming hedges and trees between 1st March and 31st August (inclusive) is a cross compliance requirement under GAEC 7a: B boundaries and GAEC 7c: Trees.

While a closed period has always applied under cross compliance for hedgerow management during the bird breeding season, this was extended during 2015 by one month (to cover the main chick-rearing season) and is now also applicable to trees. If you are a Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) claimant, you must adhere to these requirements or you could receive a reduction in your payment.