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At Exmoor Farmers we offer a full range of professional services for all your property requirements.


Undertaken for all your requirements including, but not limited to

  • Probate Valuations
  • Property Valuations for Inheritance Tax purposes
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Live and Deadstock
  • Valuations for Mortgages and Business Planning
  • Valuations in accordance with the RICS regulations and guidance.

Land Management

As Land Agents we can answer all your requirements in terms of letting in a variety of ways

  • Farm Business Tenancies
  • Annual Grazing Licences
  • Licences for and Management for letting of business and other premises

Single Farm Payment/Environmental Stewardship

We undertake all aspects of hands on day to day management for your business from completing your Single Farm Payment Form to applying and managing for Entry Level, Uplands Entry Level or Higher Level Stewardship as appropriate.  We currently manage in the region of 160 Single Farm Payment claims annually and have in the last twelve months been involved with over 25 Higher Level Stewardship applications covering many hectares of Exmoor and in addition have completed in excess of 40 other Stewardship applications.  We are currently beginning the process for ESA schemes that end in 2014 and investigating the possibilities for future environmental payments. 

Compulsory Purchase

We also undertake claims for compulsory purchase and/or compensation claims that are associated with utility companies, we frequently deal with negotiations to mitigate the works and deal with the compensation claim subsequently.  Prudently negotiated works can minimise the effect of such schemes and it is typically a no-cost to the landowner as the untility companies pay the Agents’ fees.

Other Matters

Exmoor Farmers are pleased to undertake a large variety of work and offer a flexible and competitive service to our clients.  Recently other varied projects have included solar and wind renewable energy, negotiation of an option deal for development of a commercial/residential development site and