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The Exmoor Suckled Calf Rearers’ Association was formed in 1968 and the calves are sold at Cutcombe Market.

The association was formed to promote the sale of quality suckled calves from the area, being predominantly forage based and grass reared.

The healthy upland environment and its surrounding area provides an ideal start to life for the quality calves that are produced. Much of the area falls within the Exmoor National Park, which is a magnificent and protected landscape of some 267 square miles.


Monday 5th August

Wednesday 9th October

Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th October 

Monday 25th November

Association Rules

Lot Size – The only sale which carries a restriction on the size of Lot that a vendor may offer is the Annual Two Day Sale at the end of October/early November. The Association rules state that any vendor may have one Lot less than three animals on each day. If however a vendor is selling more than 40 calves on a particular day, they may have two Lots with less than three animals in. 

Please note that the Auguust calf sale, early October calf sale and the later November calf sales have no lot size restriction. Therefore, it would be helpful if the number of animals sold per Lot could be adhered to and where they do not match in to suitable sized bunches, please bring them to an alternative sale. 

Horn Buds – Vendors should be reminded that purchasers have the option to a £20 per ehad refund should horn buds be evident on the calves when sold. It should be noted that purchasers do prefer to buy calves that have been dehorned. Therefore, please while calves are still young, take the necessary steps so that all clean headed calves come to the sale please.



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