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Cutcombe Cattle

Exmoor Horn Ewe Lambs

Cutcombe Sheep

Livestock Markets

Blackmoor Gate

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Poultry, Machinery & Deadstock

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Ringside advertising for Businesses

Exmoor Farmers offers ringside advertising for Businesses at Cutcombe and Blackmoor Gate, please contact us for more information.

Cutcombe collection service

Prime Lambs, Ewes and Cattle – Farm Assured and non-Farm Assured all taken.

Lambs, Cows, Prime Cattle any FABBL or TB status.

Prime Lambs, Ewes and Cattle collection offered for Farm Assured and non Assured stock.

Direct sales of TB restricted animals also available.

Stock required each week. Must be prior booked.

Tel: 01643 841841


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