Privacy Policy

The information held with in Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions is under the control of Peter Huntley as the manager of the firm. Should you wish to contact him in relation to the data we hold for you please contact Peter Huntley at Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions Ltd, Cutcombe Market, Wheddon Cross, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 7DT; Tel: 01643 841841; [email protected]

We hold data for all vendors and purchasers who undertake sales with us. This is established at the point of registration to buy/sell and this data can include name, address, business name, phone number (mobile and home), CPH number, VAT number, flock/herd number and Farm Assurance number.

We hold an email database for the distribution of catalogues and newsletters that can also be used from time to time for other promotional reasons. We hold a postal address database for the distribution of catalogues and newsletters and other promotional material that may be sent out from time to time.

All of the data stored is not available to any third parties at any time. There are no transfers of data to any safeguard locations. The data held can include name, business names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, county parish holding numbers, VAT number, flock/herd number and Farm Assurance numbers. In some instances, other data may be held or required in relation to specific business activities and this will be stored for that purpose only.

Data is stored for a minimum of 6 years in line with the RICS Rules of Conduct for Rural Surveyors. Some forms of data may be held for longer times, eg in the case of a client who we actively engage in ongoing work, the file may not be closed until that work has ceased.

The data is stored in a combination of formats; this includes on secure databases stored on a secured server and/or in hard copy document files secured onsite. We monitor our computer systems for possible vulnerabilities in order to identify ways to strengthen security on an ongoing basis.

We rely on the following legal basis to collect and store your personal data:

Consent: In specific situations we will collect and hold your data with consent from yourself. For example, where you have agreed to receive email newsletters and catalogues from us.

Contractual obligations: Where we undertake to carry out work for you under an agreement with you directly, we will require specific personal data to comply with our contractual obligations, eg should you instruct us to sell your property or carry out other work for you.

Legal compliance: We are required in some situations to carry out and process your data, for example in dealing with anti-money-laundering regulations.

Legitimate interest: Where you have agreed to us sending you details of forthcoming sales, should we receive instruction for a specific special sale, which we then think will be of interest to you, we will use your details to inform you of such a sale.

What are your rights over your personal data?

Should you wish to act on your rights relating to data that we hold, the following options are available:-

1. The right to be informed (of the data that we hold about you);

2. The right of access to know what data we hold;

3. The right of rectification (the right for the data to be corrected);

4. The right to erasure (to be deleted from all our records);

5. The right to restrict processing (the option to limit what we do with your data);

6. The right to data portability;

7. The right to object;

8. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

Should you act on any of your rights via written notice to Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions Ltd we will notify you of the outcome of any query within one month of being notified, or details being requested.

We note you have the right to withdraw consent at any time. Should you wish to make a complaint, this should be made in writing to The Directors, Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions Ltd, Cutcombe Market, Wheddon Cross, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 7DT. If we choose not to action your request we will explain the reason for our refusal within the one month timeframe. Should a satisfactory outcome not be reached, we will then defer the complaint to an independent supervisory authority.

In some instances data is required by law for aspects of the work being undertaken and is required to be on file in relation to such action/work. This, therefore, does not fall within the above regulations. Exmoor Farmers does not use automated decision making technology or profiling in relation to any of its data that is held.

Any further questions

Should you have any further questions about your data and about your rights then please feel free to contact Exmoor Farmers via the office at Cutcombe Market or discuss the matter with Peter Huntley.

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